Looking for financing your dream home in Florida?

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Find a private lender, negotiate the
lending parameters, and enjoy a smooth,
accelerated financing process!

Do you want to purchase a property in sunny Florida and need financing to do so?
Do you want to avoid using up all your cash for this purchase?

No problem. GLORIUS can help find you the perfect lender to meet your needs. Applying for a mortgage through a bank or a broker can be time consuming & stressful – even when you have a stable income and strong assets.

GLORIUS puts you in touch with an individual private lender so you can negotiate your terms and documentation directly.

How it works

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What type of rates can I get?

The interest rates & expenses related to your financing are negotiated directly with your future lender through the GLORIUS offer tool. There is no stringent bank program with requirements that you must meet. You will receive an offer from a potential investor & you can accept, counter-offer, or decline as you see fit. Each offer or counter-offer has a set time limit of 72 hours, so please make sure you reply right away.

Please remember to always be realistic about the mortgage pricing.

Interest rates will vary depending on the private individual loaning their personal money. Typically, rates are higher if you do not verify your income & assets or if you need a quick closing.

Glorius Rating

Your GLORIUS rating

GLORIUS has its own state-of-the art borrower rating system created to assist our investors based on the credentials of you, our borrowers. Our high-tech rating system takes into consideration your income, housing expenses, available assets, down-payment amount and your ability to verify your income and/or assets.

Our system will issue the following ratings: Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze.

Want to improve your rating for the best rates and terms? Then verify your income and assets. By doing this, you can increase your rating to a Plus or Premium level!

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How do I get the best rates?

How does it work

10 easy steps for your successful closing with GLORIUS

  1. Register for free

  2. Enter personal information

  3. Upload proof of assets

  4. Submit your mortgage request

  5. Find an investor match

  6. Start negotiations

  7. Agree to the terms

  8. Enjoy our assistance with the next steps

  9. Prepare funds for closing

  10. Closing has arrived!